It all started with sour milk


I’m one of those people that doesn’t like to waste food. I also like to eat food, analyze and interpret the flavors I taste, and tend to bake on impulse. These, to say it nicely, inquisitive features of my cooking/eating habits are the reason I’ve chosen to begin this blog.

As I, machete-bearing, whack down the thick brush of cooking and baking information in the world, my adventures will be documented here. Stay tuned for such moving questions as: what’s the difference between stock and broth? and, what exactly does it mean to braise something? You can also anticipate my scrutiny of individual ingredients and recipes that cross under my nose.

I am bearing the sample spoon.


One Response to “It all started with sour milk”

  1. 1 anonymous

    I have a request. Could you please do a post on how to cook rice in a pot? I always mess mine up.

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