Christmas Craft! Pine Cone Bird Feeder


Christmas morning! We ate french toast around the table and looked out the window to the beautiful day. It was a cardinal that appeared at our plastic bird feeder that inspired my crafting today. Plus, the pine cone I collected from East Texas months ago was waiting to be put to use.


Clear your space! And use protection – wax paper – this craft can get messy.



1. Tie ‘yer string around the top o’ the pine cone.

2. Smear on (I actually used a spoon) the nut/seed butter generously.

3. Roll the now stick pine cone in your bin of bird seed. Be sure to cover it all!

4. Find the perfect place to put your feeder. Hang it there.

¡Ojo! You’ll want to be strategic in how long the string is, where it’s placed, etc. so the squirrels don’t get it. They like the seed too.

5. Enjoy the view! And keep yer guide book handy.


One Response to “Christmas Craft! Pine Cone Bird Feeder”

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