Repurpose Window Blind Trimmings in Your Garden!


Can’t find blinds to perfectly fit your window at home? Planting a garden for Spring and want to keep track of your seedlings? Turns out these household conundrums can complement one another!


Use the trimmings from your window blinds to identify your Spring seedlings!

If you’re a teacher, this would be a great activity where kids can help. You could even get technical, research together, and write on the labels what growing conditions are best and the seasonality of the plant. It could also be applied to counting and/or labeling activities. Such as, making sign posts for cups of pinto beans, kernels of corn, etc. that identify the names of the objects and include the count number (that they counted…and labeled…). Yay!Image

Save the trimmings when you cut your plastic blinds down to size.

Use permanent marker to write the name of your seedlings, plants, etc. on one end of the trimming.
The blind material + permanent marker = some magic that allows your signpost names to endure the weather…for years!

Voila! They are ready for your garden bed.

Sweet dreamy Spring, seedlings!


Rita Sturzbecher of The Little Aussie Bakery

This fabulous idea was given to me by Rita Sturzbecher. She’s the co-founder, co-owner, and baking talent of The Little Aussie Bakery and Cafe, mother of four, devoted caretaker of neglected and feral cats, and whose passions and talents are many. (though she probably doesn’t imagine or want you thinking of her as some kind of motherly, earthly sweetheart) In her next life, she says, she’ll be a gardener.


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