Fiesta Lot on Bandera Rd. (San Antonio, TX)


The first in the undertaking of the Abandoned Car Lots Photo Project Series.  This lot, located on Bandera Rd near 410, in San Antonio, TX, sits near a massive on-ramp to the highway. It has been vacant for at least 7 years.

Welcome to Fiesta

The lot has three office buildings (that are really like having a tin can as a phone)  with additional garage-workshop spaces in the back. This is one of the office buildings.

Fiesta: an office building and lot

This is the backside of that same building.

Fiesta: back of office building

Just getting the details here. A lone trash bag on the edge of the lot. The stones you see at the top, on the other side of the street, make up the entrance ramp to the highway.

Lot Edge

More details.

Outlet Unplugged

I’m pretty sure the barbwire existed before the lot was left vacant, and served as a deterrent from theft of the new cars housed there. Now it just augments the idea of the lot’s abandonment.

Barbed Wire Fence


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