Howdy Honda on I-35 (Austin, TX)


In fact, this lot was one of the original spaces to inspire The Abandoned Car Lots Photo Project Series. It’s sat vacant at the busy intersection of I-35 and Ben White in Austin, TX for at least 5 years now. Once impeded with heavy traffic for a lack of adequate on/off ramps for this intersection, and then by the ensuing construction of them, a flyover from Ben White to I-35 South opened in December 2011. The Texas Department of Transportation has a surprisingly stunning collection of photos from the 2-year construction project.

TX DOT photo archive from I-35/290 interchange construction. Dated: 6/30/11

Howdy Honda’s old lot now sits in the shadows of this knot of highways.

I-35 Embraces Howdy Honda.

View of Howdy Honda doing a U-Turn under I-35

The whole perimeter is overgrown with once decorative plants. It still appeared to be mowed near the street.

A Ditch Missing its Grates

Two buildings and a body shop are in the corner lot of the intersection. There’s another sales building and lot across the street. I imagine myself being inside this buildling, an employee of Howdy Honda, and gazing out these aquarium looking windows.

Boarded Sales Building

Detail of boarded up body shop.

Dirt, Boards, Posts.

And stairs up to the aquarium sales building.

Rusting Stairs


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