And I think to myself, "What a wonderful world!"


It’s a catch-all, confidential file disclosed of my writing, philosophy, and art. It’s about the chronicle of life and my encounters, and the amazing wonders and others that exist. SO much wonder and amazement! Welcome!

Rain ready!


I’m a dancer on clouds. A fingers in the soil and a food on my face kinda gal. I’m a little out there. And into everything. I’m here to say “Hello!” and, “How do you do?

A creative educator. A community collaborator. The bulk of my experience is in outreach, communications, and program management for arts and educational organizations and events. I’ve produced short audio documentaries and news pieces. And then I do things like guide tours on Segways (and record dances I choreograph on video), and lead kid’s yoga, storytelling events, and nature outings (www.yogaNaction.com). If you’d like to contact me about commissions or collaborations in art, story production, or performance; or want to sail across the Atlantic ocean together, I’m reached at: yoga.n.action(at)gmail(dot)com


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