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I’ve been shy to share this video–but I put it on youtube and waited for incidental views? Funny, how I make sense of wanting my art to be seen and accepted, but withhold it from full view to avoid potential judgment of the negative kind. I did say “accepted,” didn’t I? This is a video […]

They’re beautiful. They’re strangely attached to the exterior of a building. I’ve been photographing them from personal interest in their aesthetic. My friend, Luis Moro, is an artist. He does a lot of traveling between the places where his work is exhibited, and I call him the “Lord of the Flies” for his fascination with […]

Just log into Pinterest, and it’s clear it’s a trend: decorative posters featuring large, boldface type motivational quotes. I’m hopping on the “be your beautiful self” bandwagon!! This is my truth.

Because, we don’t know what the future holds! And waiting for some certainty to shape it will result in effectively doing nothing. And how ridiculous is that? When will we ever know what lies ahead? Plus! Be fully in charge of what we’re doing with it??

In fact, this lot was one of the original spaces to inspire The Abandoned Car Lots Photo Project Series. It’s sat vacant at the busy intersection of I-35 and Ben White in Austin, TX for at least 5 years now. Once impeded with heavy traffic for a lack of adequate on/off ramps for this intersection, […]

Second in the Abandoned Car Lots Photo Project Series: Lone Star Auto on Broadway St.  Broadway is a main thoroughfare, which stretches between San Antonio’s Downtown – The Alamo! The Riverwalk! – to Alamo Heights, an upscale neighborhood/mini-town with its own police force and school district. Between the two is an area once dominated by […]