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In fact, this lot was one of the original spaces to inspire The Abandoned Car Lots Photo Project Series. It’s sat vacant at the busy intersection of I-35 and Ben White in Austin, TX for at least 5 years now. Once impeded with heavy traffic for a lack of adequate on/off ramps for this intersection, […]

Second in the Abandoned Car Lots Photo Project Series: Lone Star Auto on Broadway St.  Broadway is a main thoroughfare, which stretches between San Antonio’s Downtown – The Alamo! The Riverwalk! – to Alamo Heights, an upscale neighborhood/mini-town with its own police force and school district. Between the two is an area once dominated by […]

The first in the undertaking of the Abandoned Car Lots Photo Project Series.  This lot, located on Bandera Rd near 410, in San Antonio, TX, sits near a massive on-ramp to the highway. It has been vacant for at least 7 years. The lot has three office buildings (that are really like having a tin […]

I find these spaces captivating. How long they sit there: unoccupied, growing wild in the midst of an urban space. I think they’re beautiful. And I have this love of photo taking with disposable cameras. What effects the light, the film, the developing process will have is to be seen only when I get the […]